Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Bits and Pieces" (update)

Just a little bit of this and a few pieces of that to take care of some odds and ends....

**** I would like to assure everyone (just in case anybody cares), I am not all melancholy and wishing I could change my life, despite writing for the last two days about things that happened nearly 50 years ago!  I am approaching a rather large milestone in my life, and that is making me somewhat introspective and wondering where the years have gone. 

At the time when I was 16-17 my life took a significant jog to another path than the one I had been on and I resented it for a long time.  1963 was the worst year in my life, but it led me to the life I have lived for the vast majority of the years since.  Without 1963, it is extremely doubtful that I would ever have gotten many of the gifts that life has given me.  Without the events of 1963, I wouldn't have the Big Guy, or Ratchlet, or Maddie-the-Great.  I wouldn't have the confidence that I found that year, nor would I have ever had music become such a large part of my life.  I wouldn't give up any of those things, not for anything on this earth!! 

The first 17 years of my life were kind of rocky, with lots of ups and downs.  At the time I had a lot of things to be upset about; but now, looking back I know that I was blessed with challenges to help me grow and learn and become the person I was always supposed to be.  Sometimes I wonder about the "what ifs", I think everyone does from time to time.  I am honest enough to know that had things never changed for me in 1963, my life would have been quite different and most likely would not have been for the better.  It would be hard to top some of my life experiences and I truly would never want to try.  Like I said yesterday, life happens the way it is supposed to!

**** I don't know if you noticed, but my post on Monday was post #365!  That is a full year's worth of writings.  Some posts were a lot better than others.  My favorites were not necessarily the ones that got the most comments or the most hits.  Some of them happened pretty early into the game, but the ones that came out well were the incentive to keep writing on days when I had to work at it.  I never know what is going to touch the heart or funny bone of a reader, some I thought were terrific, didn't catch the attention of anyone....and vice verse!  Still, 365 posts is a lot of writing and I am happy that I stuck with it, even if nobody else cares much!  lol!  Those 365 posts took me about one month shy of two years of blogging; which means an average of writing every other day!!  That's a pretty good record, don't you think?

**** Today was the last day of school for Austin schools.  I always loved the last day of school!  Summer had arrived and we had weeks and weeks to enjoy being a kid.  I don't think the kids today are one bit different!  "School's out, school's out.  Teacher let the monkeys out!"  I hope all the little monkeys love every minute!!

**** There is a lot of building going on in and around Austin.  Mostly commercial things like offices and stores, but there is a bit of residential building too.  When the construction industry picks up that usually mean things are on an economic upswing.  That would be great.  There are way too many folks still struggling to find work and make ends meet.  This current economic climate is not following the usual patterns though (i.e., good financial picture but still not hiring), so who knows what the increased building means, if anything.  There are a lot of empty or nearly empty office buildings and stores and that doesn't bode too well for the success of the new buildings going up!  These things usually go in cycles, and most of us are really ready for some good news on the economic front.  Wouldn't it be great if it really was finally turning around?

**** I don't know about you, but I can generally get two years out of a pair of summer sandals, sometimes three if I don't wear them often.  Austin has a LOT of summer though, so I wear my sandals a lot.  This year I need to replace a pair of navy blue sandals.  I have been looking for two months (trying to get a jump on the season rather than waiting until July like I sometimes have in the past.)  Well, it appears not to matter.  Navy sandals are in short supply, in fact, nearly nonexistent.  I've hit the Internet and a ton of stores, but those all-powerful "they" have decided that navy is not a hot color this year.  Even the shoe store staffs agree that there just isn't much out this year in navy.  I have moaned about this before I think, but it just irritates me to no end.  One little pair of navy sandals that fits and doesn't cost the national debt really doesn't seem like too much to ask!  Truly!

****  I had a hard time deciding to let my hair color go "natural".  After decades of coloring my hair to cover up the grey that started appearing before I was 30 (!), about a year and a half ago I thought I'd give it a go.  To my great surprise I liked it!  There was a nice mix of grey, silver, and white and it actually looked kind of pretty.  I got a lot of compliments.  Well, it's probably my imagination, but since I got my last haircut (at the beginning of April), all of a sudden it seems to me to be coming in DARKER!  Is that even possible??  From the front I can't see very much white or silver, it mostly seems like a boring, nondescript, non-color....kind of brownish but  not really.  Am I going to have to go back to color???  What the heck is going on??  Has anybody every encountered that??

**** Austin has definitely moved into the summer temperature range.  Daytime temps in the mid-90s or higher.  Not unbearable, but definitely warm!  That makes me happy, but the Big Guy?   Not so much.  Soooo, it's back to the thermostat wars at my house.  Can't pack away my sweaters, I still need them at home!  Arrgghhh!

That's it for this time!


  1. Yours is one of the first blogs I hit when I sign on daily. You always have a lot to say and a unique way of saying it. I can relate to many topics, some more than others, but I read them all.
    Keep up the good writing and willingness to share with us.

  2. I'm getting caught up... I read the posts about your senior year. I didn't find it at all melancholy, but rather fascinating. 1963 was a doozy of a year for you, though!

    We are beginning the thermostat battles around here as well. In fact, I have to change clothes if I want to go outside because I wear sweats and hoodies in the house!

  3. Well, for me this was just a great post. I read every single word and could identify totally. Not the hair coming back in dark..but would not complain! The back of mine still has a lot of black in it. The you can see by the photo's.

    Everything, every single thing you mentioned...oh...and about the navy sandles. Have you tried Zappo's? I bought an adorable pair there in navy blue. NO postage coming or returning. They even show a video of each item and ..they give you a year to return..again, postage free. You order one day...the shoes are there the next! I sometimes order three pair...try them on..walk around INSIDE and then send the ones back that I don't care for.
    My navy ones are wonderful...ALL brands..pick your brand, your size and your color. Even heel ht. Wonderful. Beats any place I have ever shopped.
    Love and hugs...and GREAT writing. And yes, I think you have done a fantastic job of posting. Better then a lot of us..
    I LOVE your blog.
    Come shopping with me any old time you like!
    Mona :)

  4. Big milestone!! I'll say - I'm right there with you, sister! Already have my little red, white and blue card in my wallet. Dang, we be old and shit!!

  5. 365 posts is one heck of a lot of writing, and you do it well!

    I've been re-reading your high school post; when I was a senior in HS I was case as Eliza in My Fair Lady, and a week before the show was to start, it was pulled. Canceled. Not nearly as traumatic as your King and I story -- but disappointing!!!

    You really came through a lot in your young life -- through crucibles and trials that most of us don't face till we are adults. I think you triumphed beautifully.

    (and thanks for liking my big goofy chandelier!)

    Enjoy the weekend -- don't let The Big Guy make the house as cold as a meat locker! Cass

  6. 365 post!! Wow!! Congrats that is an accomplishment! It sure is getting hot here in Austin... pool or any kind of water here we come!

  7. I think as we age we think more about things that happened in the past! It's strange for me to think that if my mom had not died I probably would not have met my husband.

    It's 80t outside and I am sitting here with socks and a robe husband has the air so cold!!

  8. It is good to be back in blog land and to visit your wonderful blog. You have a way with writing that draws one in and keeps them there. I guess I am just saying are very talented.
    :)All of the things that you have shared about yourself have helped build the wonderful character that shows through here on your blog.


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