Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Blogger is seriously pissing me off! I wrote a big long post last night. It wasn't on a very important subject or anything, but still, I spent time on it. It was late when I finished it and I decided to wait until today to edit it before I published it and I distinctly remember saving it! I wasn't that tired!
And today?? It is gone, disappeared, vanished, swirling around in cyberland somewhere where I cannot retrieve it.
I know I saved it. So if it isn't there it's BLOGGER'S FAULT!
I hate re-writes, they are never as good as the original.

Trust me, this does not make me a happy camper.


  1. Oooh, that would make me mad too. :(

  2. ohhh i can understand you fustration!

    Maybe this helps (well not for the post you lost but maybe for next posts to come)...

    I normally write my post in word. The old fasioned way. then if i like it i transfer it to blogger (just copy and paste). This way IF blogger messes up. i still have (the most part) of my post saved....

    Maybe it helps...?

    Thanks for sharing though and i look forward to a new one!

  3. I feel for ya! But, do not despair. Yet! Sometimes, with Blogger that stuff magically will reappear. Maybe you'll be lucky that way.


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