Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"A Cappella"

It's too hot in this house to move.  The effort of lifting my fingers up and down to type is about the extent of energy I am willing to expend.  This is our punishment for having waited too long to call a repairman. 

We have no AC....none!  We had to turn it off  so that the 1+" thick layer of ice encompassing our compressor could melt before the repairman could check anything!  Today it is 100F outside.  So how there can be an inch or more of ice outside directly in the sunshine and this heat, I do not begin to understand!!

 Right now at 7:30 in the evening it is 87 frigging degrees in here! We only have two ceiling fans, but the house has 11 rooms (that includes the baths and laundry room, but heck they need cooling too!!)  Fans running, shades pulled, drapes closed, minimal lighting to reduce ambient heat.  I'm wearing lightweight clothes and not many of them (just enough not to shock the repairman!)  The Big Guy is sweating, I'm sweating, the repairman is sweating! 

I would go take a nice tepid bath, except that I know it would feel worse when I got out (one just can't stay in a tub for hours!)

The compressor appears to be leaking freon.  To repair, replace the freon, and all that goes with it will put a serious dent in the budget.

So now I'm hot, depressed, and broke.  Ain't life grand?


  1. Oh Mel, I am so sorry. We have had a little respite from the heat today. We got a bunch of rain last night, and the south part of the county got golf ball sized hail, and it has cooled down. We are giving our AC a few hours off as it is about 65 here right now. I told the kids to open up the upstairs windows and air out the bedroom/s. There's a breeze. If you were here, after living in TX. for so long, you would be hunting a wrap.
    Don't know how long this is supposed to last, but a high of 78 is expected for the next two days. Hurrah!
    I will think "cool" thoughts for you and Big Guy. That is the pits for you !

  2. Ugh!!! I'm sorry! We had to have a major A/C repair several months ago, but thankfully it happened right at the beginning of A/C season so it wasn't too hot. I hope it's all fixed now!

  3. That does NOT sound like fun! Hope your AC is back up and running soon. And, remember, Fall is almost here!


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