Friday, August 26, 2011

"It's Over"

"It's Over!"  Finally and completely done.  No more dangling.  No more visits.  No more repairmen.  No more problems!!!   Yay!!  I. Am. Thrilled.  Well, almost thrilled.  There was one more little problem....sigh.

The installers showed up at 8:00, smashed things around up in the attic (waking me up again), but eventually got all the proper connections made and got out of our attic for the last time.  That's the good news.

The not-so-good news is that when they presented the final bill, there was an additional 5% charge that was not part of the original agreement.  The Big Guy was not happy!  It's not all that much money in the general scheme of things, but still.....

I'm letting Mikey deal with it, because I am DONE with this whole project.  I don't want to talk about, fret about, think about, or even LOOK at another air conditioner right now.....maybe never!

Once we get over being hot under the collar about the new charge, we will be cool again. 

And that was the whole point!


  1. HOORAY! An extra 5% is no fun with such a big purchase. But boy, I bet that cool air feels amazing!

  2. So glad you are not melting in the heat. Interesting blog.


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