Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I read a lot of different blogs, about a lot of different things, and I try to comment whenever I feel I have something worthwhile to say.  It will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who reads my "musings", that I never write anything short!  So sometimes my comments get a trifle.....uhhhn....shall we say long?

When commenting I do try to be a bit more concise, but when the topic really interests me, or when I have a story to tell, or when I have an opposite point of view,  concise just doesn't cut it!  So I become a thief.  I will steal their idea, copy my own comment and drag it into my own backyard!  Sometimes I will be inspired to use the topic and my comment as the basis for an immediate post with a bit of embellishment.  Other times, I know it is a topic for another day and will somewhere down the road, use it for one of my posts.

Actually, it isn't really "Stealin'" exactly, it's more like copying their idea. There is not, however, a song called "Copy Cat" that I could find....though, there should be!...., so "Stealin" is sort of a substitute. 

If I end up using the idea fairly soon, I give credit to the original blogger, that's only fair.  But if I hold on to it for awhile before I decide to use it and I just use the topic, I generally don't credit it.  Just as a clarification, I do NOT, under any circumstances, EVER use the original blogger's post or photos without crediting and/or asking permission.  That, I think, keeps me from being an actual thief!

So, if you see a topic here that sounds kind of similar to something you wrote about, it could definitely have been inspired by your post, so if you look at it that way, it's kind of flattering, right?.  Does that sound like a questionable practice to anyone?  If  I did use your idea and it bothers you, please let me know and I will be glad to give you credit or pull it if you insist. 

I am a pretty honest person; I wouldn't want anyone to think I'm "Stealin'"!  I just use inspiration where I find it!!   :)

So, what do you think??

p.s.   Hey, look!  It's short!!


  1. I agree; I think it's flattering...and I do the same thing! I've commented on a blog more than once with a long comment and ended up saying, "Hmm, I should write a post on this!"

  2. Mellodee, I can't imagine that I will ever have an original enough thought that you would want to steal anything I might say, but feel free to do so. In fact, I would consider it a compliment!
    I did post your looooonnnnnggggg comment on my blog. I thought others should read what you had to say, length not being important. Thanks for your thoughts.


Thanks so much for leaving a comment. It's really nice knowing what you think!! Besides, comments keep me from feeling like I'm here all by myself!! :)

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