Thursday, August 11, 2011

More A Capella

I know I sound like a broken record (hmmm, some of you might not know what that is!!  Arrrgggh!  Look it up!  It'll do you good. lol!) 

Anyway....We seem to be stuck in a crock pot set on high!  How many months has it been since our AC was actually working correctly??  Six or seven easy!  Well, that's what it seems like. 

Today's stats:  High 103F, Current 95F (at 10:30 at night!!), and Inside currently 83F.  Sigh.....!  I'm melting.....I'm melting..... (I guess that's been used.)

The Big Guy met with 3 separate AC companies this morning to request estimates for a whole new system.   They would only offer preliminary (i.e., ballpark) estimates today.   ACKKK!!  HOW MUCH???  Well, there goes our "disposable" income for the next 3 or 4 years.  That's ok, we didn't have any big plans anyway, and now I guess we won't make any!

We now wait for them to get back to us with final figures, then make our choice, give our okay to start the process.  Then it will probably take a bit of time to get the right equipment, and set up the removal of the old and  installation of the new, then the testing, the adjustments, and finally, with a little luck, we'll get honest to goodness COOL air again.  Ahhhhhhhh.......

You know, of course, that by the time all that happens, it will be September and the season will change and the temps will drop like a rock and we'll have to turn on the furnace.  When I mentioned that probability to the Big Guy, he said, "I'd pay double to have that happen right now!!" 

Did I happen to mention that he HATES hot weather?  And for the first time in the 47 years I've known him, I can't help but agree that it's just too damn hot!

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  1. Wanna come to Indiana for a visit? I could toss Prof to her boyfriend's apt, and by the time you could arrange everything and get here, Kiddo will be ensconced in a dorm room (without AC by the way) so you could use my "attic" room!
    Well, good luck getting the cool air. Just think of it this way, Mel: when your "time" comes, you will most assuredly go to heaven, cause you have already spent time in he**! LOL!
    Stay cool, my friend. Better days ahead!



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