Monday, August 8, 2011

"Mellow Yellow" #10

It's Mellow Yellow Monday!!

Nature is truly amazing.  Through the process of photosynthesis and the creation of chlorophyll, most plants are various shades of green.  There are a gazillion different shades too, each plant has it's own version.  It makes for a lovely landscape.

But suppose, just suppose, that the photosynthesis and chlorophyll didn't make things green!  Suppose the most widespread color in nature was YELLOW!!   Things  sure would look a lot different!!  Sort of like this:

Yellow Palm Trees??
I don't think it will catch on, do you??

(I'm sorry for the blurriness!  It was taken with my cell phone and I guess I wasn't as braced as I thought I was....sigh.   Maybe I shouldn't be participating in Mellow Yellow, I'm such a rotten photographer! )

♪♪....They call me Mellow Yellow!....♪
~~ Donovan
My 10th contribution to Mellow Yellow Monday! Hope you liked it! If you want to join the ranks of lovers of all things YELLOW, go to


  1. let's consider at as palm tree in motion. still nice. have a great yellow monday!


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