Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"A Cappella"

Have you ever noticed this button at the tail end of my sidebar?  Were you ever curious as to what it means?  Well, evidently some are, because one of my new blogger friends asked me!  In answering her question, I realized that I should probably post the answer for anyone to see, because it is a great idea!


Blogging Without Obligation was a button I saw on someone's blog (I don't remember whose) very early on in my blogging history.  I was intrigued so I clicked on it and I was whisked away to "Down the Rabbit Hole".  The author is Tiffani and she is the one who developed  the idea.  Let me quote from her blog: 
After coming across what seemed to be the 4000th or so post on someone’s blog starting with “I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile.”  I decided it is time to rethink what makes a good blog and the expectations that have come to be part of it.  I am thinking that no one should utter those words again . . .and with that thought I give you Blogging Without Obligation.
If you feel the same way, feel free to grab the logo, make a logo or whatever you would like to do!   I release all the logos, thoughts and words mentioned here about this concept into the public domain.  Take the idea and run with it. . .or walk away. It is all good.
As I understand it, the button alerts readers that I will write when I can and when I have a good topic. It means I won't post just any old thing just to have something posted every day. It means I will write when I write and I won't keep apologizing for not writing every day or for a stretch of several days or even weeks! Guiltless Blogging! It sounded like an excellent idea to me!  

Tiffani gave a lot of great reasons for embracing the concept of Blogging Without Obligation. 

So why should we blog without obligation??  
* Because you shouldn’t have to look at your blog like it is a treadmill or a job.

* Because its okay to just say what you have to say.  If that makes for a long post, fine. Short post, fine. Frequent post, fine. Infrequent post, fine.

* Because its okay to not always be enthralled with the sound of your own typing.

* Because sometimes less is more.

* Because only blogging when you feel truly inspired keeps up the integrity of your blog.

* Because they are probably not going to inscribe your stat, link and comment numbers on your tombstone.

* Because for most of us blogging is just a hobby. A way to express yourself and connect with others. You should not have to apologize for lapses in posts. Just take a step back and enjoy life, not everything you do has to be “bloggable”.

* Because if you blog without obligation you will naturally keep your blog around longer, because it won’t be a chore.

* Plus, just think you will be doing your part to eradicate post pollution. One post at a time.

Doesn't that all sound logical and reasonable and guiltless??  To my mind, It also implies that I don't automatically follow everyone who follows me.  I only follow people whose blogs are interesting (or funny, or special in some way....)  

Because I like the idea of no obligation, I don't do giveaways or contests, or have sponsors, or try to sell anything.  I won't ask you to vote for me and I won't  endorse or test products for manufacturers either paid or unpaid.  If I think a product is good (or bad) I might write about it....but it's just my own opinion and no money changed hands.

Tiffani doesn't appear to be writing much anymore, but her blog is still out there and I hope more people are joining this particular bandwagon.  Here are some buttons she provided for use if you feel so inclined. 

<a href=”″><img src=””>
<a href=”″> <img src=””>
<a href=”″> <img src=””>
<a href=”″> <img src=””>

So there you have it!  That's my philosophy of blogging.  Most of the time anyway.   If you like the idea, and want to join in, grab a button and start guiltless blogging!  If you don't want to be a part of it, that's okay too.  As Tiffani said, "It's all good."  I'm not trying to talk anyone into it, but buying into the philosophy sure helps me feel better on those days (or stretches of days) when I can't write a decent sentence to save my soul!!

Mellodee Musings.... may not post every day and it isn't going to be full of extraneous or exciting stuff....all you get is me.  But I'll give you the best I've got....just probably not every day!!


  1. If I can figure out how to latch onto this "button" I just might. I hate not blogging every day, but as a retiree and a basic slug and homebody, I can't come up with blogs every single day. This would give me an excuse. Thanks!
    Hope all are well there. We had a hard frost last night. Time to get out the "linsie-woolsies," and I know you know what I mean by those! How long has it been since you thought about them? LOL!


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