Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Christmas Is Coming"

Yes, "Christmas Is Coming"....but NOT YET!   Many retailers are now displaying their Christmas merchandise as early as before Halloween.  I even saw a few stores with things out in September!  That's just plain ridiculous!  In most years, I do nothing about Christmas until after Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving is still two weeks away! 

It keeps getting earlier every year and it really needs to stop!  I have absolutely zip, zero, nada, Christmas spirit that early.  I totally ignore most of what I see.  The sad fact is though, that we can't count on the stores still having the best of their goods still available if we wait too long.

So I was extremely pleased to see the following posted on a friend's Facebook page.  Go Nordstrom!

It would be delightful if Nordstrom's action spread to other retailers so that sanity might return to the marketplace!   Congratulations Nordstrom!  I, for one, appreciate your decision to put  reason ahead of greed.

Along the same line, a couple of days ago I saw the following cartoon posted on the blog, "Eternallizdom".  I asked to use it (with credit), but she didn't reply.  After thinking about it, I decided to use it anyway, because it was not her original work anyway and was available from other sources. 

Anyway....this is perfect, don't you think?

Yeah, "Christmas Is Coming, but first we've got to go "Over the River and Through the Wood".


  1. I have mixed feelings. I don't like all the Christmas merchandise in the stores; it kinda cheapens it and makes it less special. But I do love the Christmas music...even in early November. :)

  2. I LOVE Nordstrom and have shopped there for so many years. They are just down the road from me. They take things back that have surprised me totally.
    I bought a pair of boots from them..I didn't like them but had moved far away at that time. I called to order something else I found "online" and began chatting with the woman on the phone. She told me to go get the box...and right on the phone she arranged for the boots to be returned free of charge. I could not believe it.
    And that is not the first time they have come through in amazing ways.
    Yep. Nordies is my store!! :)

  3. Oh..about the decorating. Well, when you think of all the work it takes to put up those decorations...and the fact that other stores are out to get a jump on the season...I call it class.
    The music... :) oh, I can listen to it at home. I am being silly..but as lovely as Christmas music's nice to start the season without that feeling of being PUSHED into shopping.
    Besides..our Christmas' have changed and my gifts this year are of silver tea pots and vintage linens..all bought at Estate and garage sales.
    Sometimes one has to tighten one's belt..especially when the economy is like it is or, like me, are on Soc Sec. :)

  4. I too am tightening my belt this year. (And no, not because I've lost weight!) I never thought of gifting my children with family heirlooms. Alas, they wouldn't like or appreciate them like I do. I am going to gift my church with a vintage Nativity that we have had since we were married. I am trying not only to cut back on the buying, I am scaling down my possessions, too. Why not share some of the stuff now instead of waiting until the kids have to clean out the attic and the garage!
    At one time, my wife and I erected and decorated up to 9 Christmas trees. I still have all that stuff. Someone else might as well begin to enjoy it! Along with a near life-size Father Christmas, and a bunch of other beautiful decorating items. Want some?


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