Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Tell Me Why"

I have a question to direct to Google (and Facebook, Microsoft, HP, Creators of any Software programs, etc., etc., and so forth)

"Tell Me Why."  Just, why?  I really need to know why!!  Why do you keep changing things, willy-nilly, for no discernible reason other than to drive us all crazy??  I have heard that Google's latest fruit basket upset is to eliminate Google Friend Connect.  I think that means that the collection of lovely little thumbnails representing all the people who have signed up as a follower for a blog will disappear!   Pffftttt, Gone!  Why????   They aren't hurting anybody!  They don't take up much space.  It is just a nice visual showing all the people who like a blog well enough to become a follower.  But Google says "No more".  Suddenly my very respectable 54 followers will disappear and that probably means the number of followers will disappear too.  It took 2 1/2 years to rack up 54 followers!  They're MINE, leave them alone, darn it!
Members (54)
Aren't they cute??

Now look here, I've worked hard on this blog, trying to make it attractive, interesting, funny sometimes, informative other times.....all for the express purpose of making this site a place people would like to visit regularly.  And now Google just says, "No more".  Well, that just sucks!  I'm proud to call those followers, friends and I don't want them to disappear.  Leave them alone! 

Oh I know there will be some new something to replace Google Friend Connect, but it will undoubtedly be a pain in the neck (or lower) to figure out the new thing and it will be different enough to make it not as useful to me.  So why can't you just leave well enough alone?  I understand that progress requires change, but do we have to have change ALL THE TIME?

As for Facebook, Microsoft, and all the all do the same darn thing.  I spend two years getting really proficient at using something you have created for OUR use when some bozo will get a bee in his bonnet that it's time to change everything around.  It is as if, without warning or alternative, I suddenly rearranged every single piece of furniture in my house when everyone was out and then kept the rooms completely dark so no one can see anything familiar and they keep falling over things that aren't where they used to be and they can't even see!

Most of the time any improvements brought about by these gratuitous changes are totally overshadowed by the frustration, aggravation, and downright anger that we have to go through to be able to use a replacement for something that wasn't broken. 

Why do you keep doing this kind of thing to your loyal (but not for much longer) customers?   So, can you "Tell Me Why??"   And you'd better make it good!


  1. Oh you are singing my song. I HATE change! I had not heard about this latest Google wrinkle. Dang.

    Change. If it ain't broke, LEAVE IT ALONE.

  2. I agree! My e mail server has changed it's format. While it looks pretty and all, it is a pain in the (below the lower back) to use and get used to.
    I am one that HATES the excuse that "we've always done it this way" but in some instances the old way is not bad.
    Oh well, that's progress! HA!


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