Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Poetry in Motion"

Yesterday in one of my Dear So and So letters, I asked the question, "Does anybody even know what an actuary is?  I didn't really expect an answer, it was sort of a rhetorical question.  Nevertheless, the ever-popular "Anonymous" replied that she actually knew an actuary, but still didn't know what an actuary does!
For whatever reason, this exchange sparked one of my infrequent forays into "Poetry in Motion".  I was inspired to write:
 The Actual Actuary*
He was an actual Actuary,
At least that's what he said.
"Whatever that is", I did parry,
With not one clue in my head.
He said 'twas important, even very!
To keeping them out of the red.
Still I was a little bit wary,
and refused his wish to wed.
Such a man I could not marry
No matter how he "pled",
For he only worked at a mortuary
Just counting up the dead!
                                                                                         -- Mellodee625 
Not exactly "Poetry in Motion."  I'm certainly no Frost or Yeats or even Nash.  Still, it's a poem.  There may be very little motion and not much poetry, but as I told Anonymous, it's not all that bad considering the lateness of the hour!  lol! 
* Just a gentle reminder all written content of this blog is my personal property and created solely by me unless credited otherwise. As such, please respect my work as copyrighted and ask permission before use and provide appropriate citation and credit. Thank you!


  1. What a charming poem! So glad you wrote it and shared it!

  2. I have a good friend who worked as an actuary for North American Van Lines for several years after graduating with a degree in Math. Now he is an "on the air" sports broadcaster and Sales Manager for a large radio station. Maybe counting furniture and making sure it got from one place to another on time wasn't very interesting after all!


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