Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"A Cappella"

This won't be a long post today.  (I know, I know.....you'll believe it when you see it!)  Really, though, I don't have a bunch of time.  Thanksgiving is only 2 days away and my to-do list has hardly been touched!  The Big Guy has been really busy doing "big stuff", but there wasn't much point in trying to get started on the cleaning until the big stuff got put away.....well, out of the way.  Anyway, 80% of my to-dos remain,  sigh!

But I digress.

This is one of the "I'll always remember" days.  November 22, 1963.  Even if you weren't born at that time, I would bet most of you would recognize that date.  The Kennedy Assassination.  I was 17, a senior in h.s., just back from lunch.  It was a perfectly ordinary day.  Thanksgiving was coming, so we were all looking forward to a couple of days off from school. 

At somewhere around 1:00 pm my world changed.  Everyone's world changed. As surely as if the earth's rotation suddenly went spinning off into space, nothing was the same.  Kennedy was a hero to the young people of that time.  He was the only President we had ever seen who didn't have grey hair!  He was young, he was good looking, he was a war hero, he was married to Jackie and had 2 adorable little kids.  He was the future.  And we believed in him.

But on that day, with the actions of Lee Harvey Oswald, our young President was gone forever and it was the end of our Camelot days.  (I will go with the conventional theory here ...the entire, whole truth of such an event, can never be known.)

It was 48 years ago today.  I remember this day, this man, this loss.  And I always wonder what our lives would be had Oswald missed! 

May you continue to rest in peace, Mr. President. 

JFK grave
"....ask what you can do for your country...."


  1. I remember that day well. I stayed home sick from school and was all alone when I heard the news on TV. So terribly sad!

  2. I was in midterms at my freshman year at university. The school shut down for the duration of the week. My brother and I glued ourselves to the tv in the family room and didn't move for days on end except to to the the bathroom. We even ate our meals in front of the set.
    I was appalled and still am. I toured the hill and museum in Dallas and have heard all the theories. I have my own opinions about what happened so long ago. I know also how the nation felt a hundred years earlier when the beloved Abe Lincoln met a similar fate.
    I am still saddened by this. As a nation and as a peace loving people, it is unthinkable to me how this could happen to this day.

  3. It amazes me that was 48 years ago...almost half a century! Wow!

  4. OMG! How could I have forgotten! I am crushed! I never ever have forgotten this day before. My world changed forever on that day also. I cried for years when I thought of it..and for the first few it was a lot. I didn't vote for a long, long time. I hate to admit it..but it's a fact.
    Thank you. Thank you for saying all I didn't say.
    HOW could I have forgotten!!!

  5. I saw your comment on Jeff's blog as I was reading through what others had left, thinking to leave a comment of my own but just about everything I thought to say had already been said, and probably better. I loved your picture. Our son died less than a year ago, and you are right, there are no words to ease the pain of losing a child. In my case, however, I do have a deep, abiding faith in God and that has sustained me through this. I intend to visit your blog again. And yes, Kennedy's death and the images from the funeral that followed are seared into the memory banks


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