Thursday, November 17, 2011


There are certain words or phrases that just should not appear within the same paragraph. When they do you know, the story is not going to have a happy ending.   Words like "fuel pump", "electrical short", "melted", "gas tank" and most especially "boom"!  Today the Big Guy was telling me about his car, which has been in the shop all week. The service department called him this morning to explain what was making his car engine just suddenly die for no apparent reason right in the middle of moving traffic! 

In the re-telling, the Big Guy used four out of those five phrases!  I don't exactly understand what was broken or what was happening.  I couldn't get past hearing that particular combination of words relating to his car.  The car he drives every day to work and back, in the middle of the night, when roads are empty and there isn't much of anyone around.  Yikes, an electrical short?  in the fuel pump??  melting some essential something?  IN THE GAS TANK????

The word that was missing from the narrative was "boom"!!  Thank goodness!

Can we talk about charmed lives here?   Instead of just needing a tow to the car service department, it could have ended with a very different scenario.  Shorts make sparks, sparks make fire, fire makes gas go BOOM!  No more Mikey!

But it didn't happen because in addition to all of Mikey's strengths, my guy is charmed, blessed, fortunate, advantaged, chosen, elite privileged, select, singled out, on a roll, on a streak, and can-you-flippin'-believe-it LUCKY!!

"Sh-Boom", indeed!  Whew!


  1. Thank the car gods that the worst-case-scenario didn't happen. And, of course, Mikey's luck! Could he be Irish?

  2. Yeek! I'm glad "BOOM!" was missing from that list too!

  3. ...but of course he's Irish! I know these things. My name isn't Duffy for nothing. :)
    No BOOM! Never will be. Just a fact.


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