Monday, March 5, 2012

"Long Time Gone"

Today, March 5, 2012 would have been my father's 93rd birthday. But we lost him in 1978 when he was only 59 years old.  This year will be our 34th year without him, that is more than half my life!  Oh wow!  I've lived more of my life without my dad than with him.

James Harvey Johnsen
1919 - 1978
He survived a childhood of divorced parents (a rarity at that time) and during the Depression.
He survived WWII, even after 4 long years in the South Pacific.
He met and married my mother and they were together for nearly 34 years.
He fathered two daughters who loved him (flaws and all).
He saw one daughter married, and one daughter off to college.
He knew and loved his first son-in-law (and was loved in return!)
He was able to enjoy his first grandchild until she was 11 years old.
He was gone much too soon and he has been a "Long Time Gone."

He missed so much!
He would have been so proud of Little Sis graduating from college and having a "real" profession.
He would have been proud to know that her daughter will soon have a "real" profession too!
He would have loved knowing he had two more grandchildren, especially a grandson!
He would be so proud of the person Ratchlet  has become, as well as her very successful career.
He would have loved knowing Maddie-the-Great, his great granddaughter, he would be so proud.
He would have loved hearing me and the trio sing the old songs in 3 part harmony!
He would have loved seeing the Big Guy on stage in the fabulous roles he's had.
He would have loved seeing me acting and directing for the stage.
He would have loved all the dogs (and probably the cats too) that have come into and out of our family over the years.

He would have been saddened at our losses.
He would have been supportive in our hard times.
He would have worried with us, cried with us, laughed with us, celebrated with us, and smiled his wonderful smile.
He would have been around much, much longer if it had been up to him.
He would have loved sharing his 93rd birthday with his family.

And so would we.

You've been a long time gone. We all miss you every day, Daddy! 
Your eldest daughter and all your loving family


  1. What a sweet tribute post. I'm sorry you lost him so early but glad you have beautiful memories of him.

  2. Nice words, Mel. Glad you have the fond memories. My dad has been gone for 44 years, so I know how you feel. Lots of time has passed, but the memories live on.

  3. Hi, I am glad to be back to my blog. It gave me a smile to see that you visited me right away...I was sure no one would remember me.Your blog is so full of life and is a grand place to visit. I am not sure what I will blog about...right now I am weeding through some technical stuff... it touched my heart when you listed what he would have loved.♥


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