Monday, March 26, 2012

"Younger Than Springtime"

I've always gotten along pretty well with friends of my daughter's and other folks I have encountered who are her contemporaries, not mine, but I seem to get along with them anyway.  I like to think it keeps me young....either that or it proves I have an arrested development!  LOL!

My daughter has a good friend, Mike,  from her high school days, a really nice boy who grew up to be a really nice man.  They were never an "item", their friendship was more of the brother/sister variety.  They have stayed in touch ever since.  In actuality he has become a friend of the family over the years, he was a member of Rachlet's wedding party, and we all have a mutual interest and friends in theater and performance.   

Fairly early on Rachlet's friend became a single dad and he and his son have always been very close.   Mike has been an involved dad and I don't think he could have possibly been more proud of his son (who has always been as cute as he could be, just like his dad). 

Mike's son had a birthday this weekend.  He turned 25.  Happy Birthday, Tommy!  Congratulations on your great son, Mike!

Sooooo, Mike is one year older than my Rachlet....and he has a son who is 25....which means Rachlet, technically, could also have had a child who could be 25...she doesn't, of course, but she could .....which means I could have  a grandchild who is 25....I don't, of course, but I COULD....

And that, my friends, makes me officially Older than Dirt!!!

"Younger Than Springtime??"    It's not as easy as it used to be!   :)


  1. Sweet bloggy friend, you DO know that you just told me a round about way, that I was "OLDER THAN DIRT!" LOL
    I have a granddaughter that is 35 years old..and one 34 years old and so on...
    My son, for pity's sake, is nearly 56 years old! NOW that makes ME really and truly older than dirt!! And you?? You are just a chickie..JUST a chickie!! :)

  2. And what is wrong with being older than dirt? LOL.

  3. Since I am older than you by a couple of years, that means I am even older dirt than you are.
    As for grandchildren, some of you got a head start on me, some not. Mine are as follows: 19(almost, 2(almost) and 3 1/2.
    Age is only a number and as long as I can sing, dance and read, I am happy!


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