Saturday, March 31, 2012

If it ain't broke.....

They are at it again!  This time its two of them, at the same time!  Google and Facebook, switching things around, changing what works, making changes for no apparent reason!!  Arrrggghhhh!!!

First, Google has posted this:
"Blogger is getting a new look in April. Upgrade Now."

And Facebook has posted this:
"This is how your timeline looks to you...
Use this tool to see how your timeline appears to a specific friend or the public. Remember: you can always change who can see any post that appears on your timeline."

Google, I do not want to Upgrade!!  What's wrong with the old look?    And Facebook?  I hate to tell you, but I don't even understand what this means!!

Oh how I hate when they "update" things!!! It has been a problem with computers since the very beginning of their entry into everyday life.  I cannot recall any new "release", update, revision, or software or hardware installation that did not create chaos!  It is bad enough when that chaos took place in the workplace, but at least, I worked for companies large enough to have an IT staff that I could call on to come and fix it!  But now when they diddle around with stuff, it affects not only the workplace, but the homeplace too. 
Enough!  Let us alone.  Let us keep our blogs up and running in the way we understand, please!  The same for Facebook.  Every new update and change, throws many of us all the way back to square one and we have to stumble around on our own for days (weeks, years??) to re-learn how to use what we already were using just fine! 

And the worst of it??  We are given no choice!!  It is imposed upon us with no recourse.  That just sucks swamp water!!

The amount of information provided on how things have changed and how to get up to speed on the new stuff is either incomprehensible or non-existent.   Why cannot these companies understand that many of us were not born computer mavens.  Many of us struggle and have been struggling for the last 30 years, trying to keep up with all the changes that just keep coming!  Stop!  Don't Do This Anymore!!  We are your customers (sort of), you are supposed to want to keep your customers happy....and this just ain't doing it!

I'm tired of having to re-discover the wheel every time computer designers decide to play fruit basket upset with commonly used programs, software, hardware, and what have you.   I'm tired, I tell you!  Tired to the core!!!

Can't they please go and play somewhere else?   Like maybe in quicksand or  in  a lightening storm??


  1. Oh my gosh! That post was a hoot! BUT, so so true. If over half the world is populated with us "older" generation people, and it is a known fact that we cannot multitask or think quite like we did when we were young, then let is alone! Keep it simple, and quick!
    Please! Google, Back Off!

  2. Hi Mellodee, this was a fun and accurate comment and echoed what I just read on another blogger's post. This morning while I was searching for signs of intelligent or rather interesting blog sites, I came across Jimmy Earl's and yours! What a delight to find 2 that I really wanted to read because interesting and intelligent. I really enjoyed a previous post about authors who self publish. Please do feel free to stop by and visit our blog anytime as we do enjoy comments and remain ad and award free and also word verification free. And we never seem to run out of things to blog about as life is way too interesting and fun for retired folks like us. You can find us at


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