Friday, March 2, 2012

"Words Don't Fit the Picture"

I want to tell you two short stories today.  They really have nothing to do with each other, except that the first story reminded me of the second.  The second story is a from my own life, but the first is "borrowed" from another blogger.  You should get at least a little chuckle from each.  Both stories illustrate how we can trip ourselves up when the "Words Don't Fit the Picture!"
One of the blogs I regularly read is called "Mom to 8" and its a lively little blog that looks into the controlled chaos that can come from a family with eight children!  I love their approach to parenting and the insight she provides to those of us who have never been a part of a large family.  Go and visit her at  She knows how to "paint a picture!"
Today "Mom to 8" wrote about a conversation she had with her husband.  I have quoted parts of it below.  I think its a hoot and I can easily see how the conversation would have come about....
I had to call my husband and .... reminded him the blind guy is coming so I can't pick the kids up. He says, "I know you probably told me this already, but who is the blind guy?" "The guy that is going to measure our windows." "How is he going to measure them if he is blind?" "No, he is not blind. He is measuring for our new blinds. He works for budget blinds."
                                                                       - AMP, "Mom to 8" 
Ba-da-bing ba-da-boom!!  :)  It's a perfectly natural mistake, I thought the same thing at first!  That's what makes it so funny!  (Thanks for allowing me to use it, AMP!) 

Now, on to Story II....

Some years ago, when we were still living in the Chicago area, we were friends with a couple (Bob and Jeanette) who owned a business selling window blinds, shades, shutters and the like.  We all happened to be attending an event one evening and the four of us were seated at the same table.  At some point in the conversation, Jeannette told us of an actual experience they had at their business.

The name of their business was the "Suburban Shade and Shutter Shoppe" and was incorporated into a logo that used an oversized letter "S" at the beginning, followed closely by the rest of each word.  I have made an example below, just to give you the idea of how it was done.  Believe me, their logo was MUCH more attractive than this!!

hade & 
Soooo, you get the idea???

Anyhow, on the night we shared a table with Bob and Jeanette, she told us that they had recently received a check from a customer for their purchase.   The check was made out to the......

(....scroll down....)

(....wait for it......)

Suburban Hade and Hutter Hop!!!

Ohh how we laughed and laughed!  I loved it!  Don't you?  For days afterward, out of nowhere, the phrase, Suburban Hade and Hutter Hop, would pop into my head and I'd laugh all over again.  (In fact, it still makes me giggle!)  Of course, after an explanation to the customer, the check was re-done, but Bob and Jeanette kept the first check, framed it, and the last I heard it was still hanging on the wall in their shop!

Isn't it odd (and kind of hysterical) what our minds see or hear when the "Words Don't Fit the Picture??" 

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  1. Those are great stories...nice Friday night smile for me. :)


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