Thursday, April 22, 2010

"The Counting Song"

I have been feeling conspicuously uninspired lately. Nothing interesting to write about has popped into my little brain. So many of you are faithful readers and stop by everyday! But I just don't have it in me to write unless I have something at least mildly interesting to write about. It's a dilemma! So for today, I'll do a list!! Ten More Things I just Don't Get!!
10.  Fake Friends....You know the kind, they're only your friends if you can do them some good! 

9.  Food (sometimes)....I've never been a big eater and I've never been one to turn to food to cheer me or comfort me.  I get no joy from cooking.  I eat most of the time because I have to.  I enjoy a good meal, but sometimes  finding something to eat is just a big old pain in the neck!

  8.  Reality TV....The very concept makes me shudder!  I have NEVER watched any of them....not Survivor, not American Idol, not race/scavenger hunt thing, not the dance thing, none of them.  The Big Guy and I are probably the only two people anywhere who can truthfully say that!

7.  Guys, for the Love of God, Pull Up Your Pants!!  .... with or without visible skin!  None of it is good, really!  Come on, surely these idiots must realize how stupid they look??  How can they not know??  Are there no standards left ANYWHERE??  Walking around with your pants around your knees and your underwear flaunted is supposed to be sexy?????  Oh please, don't these people ever see a mirror??

6.  Library Book Repeats .... Why oh why, do I almost invariably check out 10+ books and realize after I'm home, that I've already read at least one of them! 

5.  Mid-size Paperbacks....It used to just be a choice between hard covers and paperbacks....very easily distinguished from one another and priced accordingly.  When did all these oddball large- sized paperbacks with higher prices come into play?  They aren't easier to read, they're not lighter than a paperback, and they're certainly not a bargain price!  There is no advantage to buying as far as I can tell.  Seems like publishers just want to line their coffers with a few more of our dollars.  I get extremely tired of being thought of as oblivious, undiscerning, gullible, and downright stupid by companies just looking for more money!  I know costs rise, but can't they just say, "Sorry folks, we have to raise prices because of costs."  Instead they try to trick us into believing that something is better when it is clearly NOT!

4.  Matronly Clothes....Ok, I am short, 5'2".  The only clothes that fit me without major alterations are items made for the "petite" female.  However, I am not 16, nor am I 80 years old!  Why can't clothes designers understand that small and short does not mean TEENAGE! (I won't even talk about "slutty"!)  And ever more importantly, not teenage does not mean dowdy, matronly, "old lady" clothes.  Please give us a few more options here!

3.  And speaking of Alterations....A man buying a suit or a pair of pants can often get alterations done at the store of purchase with NO EXTRA CHARGE!  This is true even at most mid-level department stores.  Whereas for women, most stores don't even offer alterations to women until you get into the very top-end stores, and not always even then, and extremely rarely without charge.   Equality for Women?.....yeah, right!

2. Package Warnings....Why do all cigarette packages and advertising, have to have printed warnings about the potential dangers, yet alcohol is not subject to the same type of warnings??  Alcohol is significantly addictive, destructive and dangerous too.  Why is there no warning like, "Warning: Use may lead to drunk driving, abusive behaviors, and impaired judgment that may result in death of human beings or animals!" 

1.  Garbage Bins....Why can't the crews of the Garbage trucks manage to put the bins back where they found them, not laying open in the street 3 houses down from they are supposed to go??  It is flat out rude and insulting.  Most of the time, they don't even try!  That just annoys me to no end....seriously!

End of rant for tonight!!  I feel better already!   :)

P.S.....Hmmm, in reading over this post, I am getting the feeling that I may have ranted about the things before.  Oops!  I'm sorry if they are repeats.  If they are repeats, it just proves that I still don't "get" them!


  1. I am watching Survivor as I type this. :-D

    I'm 5'2" too and what I have trouble with is that I have the body of an 11 year old (with some extra skin and flaws from being in my 30s with 2 kids!) But it's hard to find "adult" clothes that fit. And the juniors (teenage) clothes are often just way too young-looking (cut-off short shorts, anyone?) or made of really cheapo fabrics. Ugh.

    Have a great day. I'm off to finish Survior. :)

  2. That pants on the ground thing just drives me crazy! I not only think it is unattractive, I don't understand how it can be comfortable. They are constantly having to pull them up, just so they can walk. What is the purpose? We have to put our garbage cans on the curb, but that's where the garbage men leave them. laurie


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