Friday, April 16, 2010

"Down in the Depths (on the Ninetieth Floor)"

Composer and Lyricist Cole Porter wrote an enormous volume of songs over the course of his (too brief) life.  Like many other composers, he wrote lots of love songs with haunting melodies and beautiful lyrics.  What sets him apart, though, are his witty, clever, funny songs with lyrics that were unbelievably wonderful.  He generally gave his songs, titles that were spot on as well.  If you're not familiar with him or his work, you are either under 35 or totally and complete ignorant of music.

One of my favorite of his song titles is a little ditty entitled, "Down in the Depths (on the Ninetieth Floor)".  Isn't that a great mental image?  Without knowing the song at all, you can get a pretty clear picture of what this song might be about just from the title.  The man had genius!

Although I love Cole Porter music, today it's the title that fits my mood more than the lyrics or melody.  Yep, I'm feeling like "I'm Down in the Depths (on the Ninetieth Floor)".  Don't get much lower than that!  I think I'll go listen to some Porter music.  I think I'd really enjoy someone serenading me with "You're the Top"! 

It's been that kind of day, ya! know?


  1. Hi Mellodee! Thanks for visiting That Old House and leaving such sweet comments. Much appreciated!

    Strangely enough, I've been listening to old piano roll music -- all Cole Porter songs! -- as I clean today before company is coming. It's got me moving!

    Love Cole Porter, and lest you think the under-35s are completely clueless, both my 20-something daughters love him too. In fact, one of them bought the Porter piano roll CD!

    And I will tell you. . . "You're the Top!" :-P

    Best wishes, Cass

  2. Aww--I hope your day has turned around!! Glad you could get a little of it "out" by blogging.

    BTW, I removed myself as an author--that way your bio shows up on the blog again!


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