Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Send in the Clowns"

Some people are gifted with a crazy sense of humor.  They can come up with the quick comeback, or tell a funny story so well that  milk comes out of your nose!!  They remember every joke they ever heard and have great comic timing.  And they can come up with really funny April Fool's jokes or pranks.  I am not one of those people.  I can occasionally come up with something sort of witty when I'm writing or speaking, but most of the time its a fluke, not something I can call on at a moments notice. 

When I tell a joke, I can be one of those people who after giving the punch line says, "Oh wait, wait, I forgot to tell you that she had a parrot on her head!"  (or whatever element that makes the joke).  Fortunately, I am aware of my poor memory for jokes, so I generally don't try to tell them.  I don't seem able to retain a joke for more than about a day or two at most.

 Now I do have one joke that I think is the funniest joke I've ever heard.  I remember all the elements and the punchline.  I heard this joke about 10 years ago and I don't remember anymore where I heard it or who wrote it.  But I remember the joke. Its still the funniest joke I ever heard.  Unfortunately, I can't share it with you here in a public forum.  It's just a little bit beyond the bounds of what I feel can be repeated in polite company.  Also its a joke that I think is better heard rather than just read.  But if you ever come over to my house (and I'm pretty sure you aren't offended by that type of humor), I'll be glad to tell it to you.

Some folks really come up with great pranks for April Fool's Day.  I read somewhere that Robert Redford and Paul Newman, both gifted practical jokers, would set up each other with some elaborate joke for AFD.  They alternated years and of course they escalated every year.  They did it for years!

And does anybody remember the old Dick Van Dyke Show episode where a practical joker becomes the victim of a joke to teach him a lesson?  It was hysterical.

 Facebook is full of April Fool's jokes and pranks today, some very funny.  Even Google became Topeka for the day!

Anyway, I love hearing about other peoples' clever April Fool's gags. I wish I could come up with a cute April Fool's joke or prank for you here, but I have no inspiration at all.  None.  I haven't got that kind of a gift.  So, if I ever want to include something funny I'll have to ask somebody to "send in the clowns", 'cause, trust me,  I got nothin'!!


  1. I think you are doing just fine.. i enjoyed what you have written so far!


  2. Well, you saw my blog post yesterday. And I also had fun playing little April Fool's jokes on Chickie, and laughing at her jokes. :)

  3. See you October for the Livestrong race. Tell me then. : - )

  4. We are so much alike! I can always think of a witty come-back after the time has passed for me to use it. I can't remember jokes, but even when I do, I do not tell them well. laurie

  5. First of all, clowns scare the crap out of me so please don't send them in!

    As for April Fools Day, the best one ever was the day of the de-merger (UCSF/SHC). And it was no joke!


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