Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Whistle While You Work"

Maybe if I was able to whistle, my work would have turned out better. But it probably wouldn't have helped at all. 

I was sitting around having a boring evening, I didn't have a good book at hand, I was tired of computer games, and so I started looking around Blogger at some of the features I haven't dealt with before.  I have mentioned before one or two....thousand (!) times, I'm no techie whizz when it comes to computer stuff.  So I should have known better, but well, I didn't.

Blogger in Draft has some nifty stuff available for designing your blog so that is more interesting and personal than the basic choices they offer.  So I played around.  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my good friend, C. Beth, was reworking my blog design and that the whole thing was a work in progress.  She did a bunch of design work, but it wasn't quite done.  (Beth has toddlers, free time is not something she has a bunch of!!)  That was okay, I was in no hurry.

So there I was tonight fooling around with the designs and  somehow I managed to lose all the design elements of my original design!  What I was left with in what you see.  I'm not certain how that loss will affect the work Beth has done, but I'm afraid that she will have to do more stuff in order to finalize things.  I really can't ask that of her, so I'm going to live with what I've got for awhile.  Its not too bad, do you think?

Next time I get bored, maybe I'll just go practice whistling instead, it might keep me out of trouble.


  1. One thing my daughter taught me after a painful attempt at "perking up" my blog was to copy the template and paste it into a Word document BEFORE I start playing around! On the other hand, I also learn the most about designing my blog from all the mistakes I've made. I still want to make changes, but that will definitely involve support from my kid!

  2. At least you tried. I am to chicken. I have had my poor old basic boring blog for so long I have grown fond of it. Your background isn't bad and it is fortunate you only have this small problem. I have seen some really bad out comes. Besides, as much as I like looking at the diffrent blog decor, it is what the blogger shares and writes that brings me back for a visit.:)

  3. I do think what you've done is pretty!

    Do you ever look at Shabby Blogs or Cutest Blog on the Block?? Super easy and oodles of designs to choose from!!

  4. I like it! It's perfect for a spring look. laurie


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