Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Easter Parade"

One of the things I always loved best about Easter when I was a little girl, was getting a brand new outfit for Easter, complete with Easter Bonnet!  Hmmm, does anyone even get an Easter Bonnet anymore?  There wasn't exactly an "Easter Parade" in our town, but there were multiple mini-parades all over town in every church (and our town had a lot of them!).  Each congregation would stand outside and chat either before or after the service.  In had the effect of a de facto "Easter Parade".  It made no difference what the denomination, all the church-going ladies, gentlemen, boys, and girls would wear their very best  outfit to church on Easter; even if it wasn't new, it was the best they had.

I loved it.  Crisp, new white gloves, brand new shiny, shoes and socks or tights (depending on how cool it was), and a pretty dress  in soft, pastel Springtime colors, sometime even a lightweight Spring coat (again depending on the temperature). and of course, the most important of all, the hat!  I have always been one of the lucky ones.  I look good in most hats.  And I like wearing them. And Easter was the day to wear the prettiest one you could find!

At the time most women wore hats to church on Sunday, in fact, they still wore them to most places.  It was part of what made a "lady".  After Jackie Kennedy and the changes in the Catholic Church, blew the hat industry out of the water, many women still wore hats on Sunday , at least to church.

But for kids, hats were pretty much reserved for that Easter outfit.  You still see a few women and little girls who wear hats on Easter, but not so much anymore.  I was one of them for a long while, but bit by bit life got more and more casual and you can't even find pretty hats very much anymore.

I miss them and I miss the gloves and the new shoes, and the pretty new dress.  And I miss the gathering with friends at church on Easter morning for our version of the "Easter Parade!"

Have a wonderful Easter all you lovely ladies!  Whether or not you're wearing an Easter Bonnet!


  1. Mellodee, I miss the Easter hat's also. I do not think I saw one hat today at church :(

  2. I remember making "Easter bonnets" one year for a contest--they were meant to be fun and we used paper plates for the brim. Sounds silly, but it was fun. I love buying an Easter dress for Chickie...and sometimes even for myself!

  3. I also remember getting my new Easter outfit every year. And coloring eggs and the Italian bread with the whole egg in it (shell and all) that I never quite understood.


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