Thursday, April 29, 2010

"My Guy"

I'm feeling about a quart low today,  mostly it relates to "My Guy".  As I told you  last month, the Big Guy and I have been married for 44 years.  From that you can gather that neither one of us is, by any stretch of the imagination, "young".  And my guy is about to become older.

May 3, this Monday, is the Big Guy's birthday.  Not just any old birthday either!  Oh no!  This is a biggie, a real big biggie.  He will be...(gulp)....65!  65!!  Oh. My. God.  How is that possible?  65 years old.  That used to be everyone's idea of old.  Once you reached 65 you were made to retire.  They put you out to pasture.  Get the gold watch and vacate the building.  You could begin to collect on all those years you paid into Social Security.  Medicare was available.  If you got a pension, that was when you would start to receive it.  You were so far over the hill that there wasn't any way back up.  Too old to be useful.  Too old for anything!  65 was the official beginning of "old age". 

I met the Big Guy when he was 18 years old (I was 17).   I knew fairly soon after we met that he was "my guy".  [In fact, when I came home after our first official "date", I told my mother, "That's the man I'm going to marry."  She didn't believe me, but eventually she did!]   Anyway 18 was a loooong time ago.  So sometimes it seems like I've known him my whole life.  Other times I'm not sure I have a clue about who he "is".  All I know is that we're still here and together and Sunday, he will be officially OLD!  I will be married to an old man!!! 

Now I would like to point out, that I am the only one having trouble with this, not him.  Mikey takes things like this in stride.  I'm sure that he never feels "old".   (Well, why would he?   His family seems to live forever!)   But me?  I'm not so tolerant of the march of time.  If he will be 65 on Sunday, that means that I (carefree, happy,  childlike, little sprite that I am) will be 65 in about one year  and 2 months from now.    AAAAAAAAAACCCKKK!  

[No. No.  Can't talk about that.  Rewind, Rewind!!!]

OK, back to the Big Guy.  Of course, he doesn't even have the decency to look his age.  People consistently guess his age to be 10 years younger than he is.  That's hardly fair.  He's my elder by 14 months, yet when we are out together, I look like I'm with my younger ....ahhh....friend! 

Of course, 65 is no longer considered the beginning of the end by much of anyone.   The Big Guy is still working a full-time job, at nights no less!  He has no plan to retire any time soon that I know of.  He is healthy. He's a little too round and doesn't do anything to stay fit.   Nevertheless, he doesn't need to take ANY medication of ANY sort!  His BP, Cholesterol, and all those things are FINE!    Does that sound like an old man to you??  (Me either.) 

So for My Guy, 65 is just another birthday.  As it should be.  He's my guy and I'm really glad that he is still around.  So, Happy Birthday Mikey!   May you live long and prosper!  

(Uhhhm....and if you could share just a few of those longevity genes with me, that would be pretty nifty.)


  1. Happy Birthday Mike!!!

    I'll be 55 in September and I'm still not sure how that happened!

  2. Happy Birthday Big Guy!

    Age is a state of mind that the body follows.

  3. Happy birthday, Mike! I'm totally impressed with his genes. My husband is a triathlete but at 40 he's on low-dose cholesterol meds! So much is due to genetics. At least the pharmaceuticals are there for us "weaklings" who need them. ;-)

  4. Happy birthday to your guy!!!

  5. Gosh, 65 sounds pretty young to me!!


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