Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I buy People magazine sporadically throughout the year.  I am intrqued by the lifestyle that celebrities live and I love to see the beautiful clothes and jewelry they wear for all their special occasions.  Having your life on display is one of the drawbacks of "Fame" I guess.  I like seeing photos of their babies or their homes.  But looking at the photos and reading the short little articles does not make me feel that I know them.  It doesn't give me any real insight about who they are or whether they are "good" people or "bad" people.  For instance, a couple of years ago when Brittney Spears appeared to be heading for a full-scale breakdown (according to the photos), during the same period of time, she was also reported to be working on a movie or a recording.  Which was true??  I have no idea.  But I do know that those two situations are pretty much mutually exclusive. 

I may admire or disdain someone's talent (or lack thereof) but that gives me no right to judge them or their relationships, families, or actions.  I don't know the whole story.  I wasn't there.  I have no idea what they are really like.  No photograph can accomplish that. 

I find it ridiculous to read some of the letters to the editor of People or comments on FaceBook in which the reader will pronouce that "So and so totally deserves to be  happy." or "You can just tell, they are so in love!"  or "She is such a good person."  or  even "They are scum and shouldn't be allowed to (whatever)."  How do they know?

If these readers are basing their judgement on the photos or press releases as it appears they are, then the readers are delusional. 
No matter how pretty, or "hot", or desirable these celebrities might appear, seeing pretty pictures is no more getting to know someone than reading the phone book!

The best you can get out of the "tabloid" publications is the knowledge that so and so was actually in attendance at the Oscars, or the beach, or somewhere.  That's about all you can say is really true.  If they "look" happy, or "in love", all that says is they can put a good face on.  But why wouldn't they?  They are celebrities and all celebrities are partially actors in a way.  They have a public face and a private one, just like everyone else.  How would we know which we're seeing??

Read the magazine, enjoy the photos, oooh and ahhh at the pretty dresses, but please, don't pretend that you "know" these people or understand them.  You don't.  For the most part, all you know is their "fame"!


  1. Hey thanks for visiting my blog. Good to hear from new people!

  2. So true. And the media can really paint any picture they want of celebrities.

  3. I subscribe to People because I also love to look at the photos. Sadly, however, I find that more and more of the people highlighted I've never heard of! What happened to Robert Redford and Richard Gere? Who the hell is Justin Bieber?!?

  4. As usual, you are right on. If it is a photo of an actor, they are accustomed to "acting" and might look in love for the camera. It sure is fun seeing how they live. laurie


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