Monday, May 9, 2011

A Cappella

Forsooth!  Sad news from the castle; my magic writing box appears to have been taken over by a vicious, sneaky, miserable beast who made a snack of my hard drive (maybe) and generally, took over and will not allow anyone or anything to come out.  The Big Guy has taken it off to the wizard who will (we hope) drive said beast back into the primordial bog where he will sink into oblivion forever and my magic writing box shall be returned to me.  The number of spells and incantations that the wizard (and all his little wiz assistants) must perform to drive out the beast, could be infinite and stretch until the end of time (or at least for days and days.) 

Ergo, my loyal subjects, I shall retire to the inner castle where I may occasionally be allowed to temporarily visit you via the magic box that belongs to my Consort, but it might not be often!!  Meanwhile, I shall move among the peasants and do Good  Works!

Have no fear, my friends, I shall return at the end of this siege!

Your liege,

Mellodee, the Magnificent

(Ahem....can you tell I've been playing a few thousand games set in the Middle Ages??)

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