Monday, May 2, 2011

"Mellow Yellow" #6

It's time for another Mellow Yellow Monday!


A Poppa, a Daddy, a Kid and a Game
Guess who won??

My 6th contribution to Mellow Yellow Monday! Hope you liked it! Go to  if you want to join the ranks of lovers of all things YELLOW!

♪♪....They call me Mellow Yellow!....♪

~~ Donovan


  1. What game is that? Looks fun!

  2. c.Beth> It's called Zingo (made by a company called ThinkFun) and is a variation on bingo with pictures. It's for ages 4-8 but there is wiggle room on that depending on the kids. It would be a good one for your two in another year or so! It can be played at two levels, one easy for the littler kids and the other a bit harder for the older set, but neither side is too hard. It has the cards and a nifty little dispenser for the tiles and the kids get to shout "Zingo" when they fill their card. M-t-G loved it.

    Let me know if you think your 2 would like it. M-t-G has pretty much outgrown it. So I just HAPPEN to know where you can get it for a song! (Hmmmm, do Pidgeons sing???)

  3. I'm guessing the kid won. Am I right?


    Don’t let that yellow go to your head!
    Simply be glad it’s not puce or red!
    Give thanks for the color dear to your heart:
    Honey and lemon and cream— a good start!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Seductive Yellow—and Red!


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