Sunday, May 1, 2011

"With a Smile and a Song"

Listening to a choir of girls from 9-18 is like listening to the angels sing!  Their voices are pure and lovely to hear.  The Girls' Choir this afternoon gave a performance that included songs of different styles and complexity, and they did a great job on all of them.  They sang in French, and English, and Portuguese presenting songs from both the classical and modern schools of choral music.  They were very, very good.

And our Maddie-the-Great was the best of them all!!

Okay, that's probably not really true, after all she's only been signing with them for four months!  Some of the older girls had been singing with the choir for many years and their voices were more musically mature.  However, what kind of a Grammy would I be if I didn't single out my own personal favorite girl??  It's what grandmothers do, right??!! 

Actually, the younger girls only sang in about half of the songs, leaving some of the more complex songs to the more well-developed voices.  Even so, when M-t-G was singing, my focus was on her.  At least what I could see of her!  Her spot is in the middle of the middle  row and from my seat all I could see of her was her shoulder and the top of her head!  That was a little frustrating, but at least I occasionally got a glimpse of her between songs.  She was definitely the cutest one there!

The tea portion was very nice, with lots (and I do mean LOTS) of little cakes, cookies, and scones and other goodies of which I took too many!  There were two kinds of punch, one of which was a Cucumber Punch (quite refreshing and different actually), iced tea (this is Texas, there is always iced tea!), coffee, and of course hot tea.  I was the only one at our table of eight who chose hot tea, but gee, after all what is a Tea without tea??

The final two songs the girls sang were by a contemporary composer and were very challenging and interesting pieces.  Five part-harmonies and complicated rhythms.  We really enjoyed them especially.  They were good choices to close with. 

After the concert ended, the girls (who had done three performances in three hours!) were thirsty and hungry.  They descended on the food like Genghis Khan and his Horde on the attack.  I'm pretty sure every one of the girls made their way home on the wings of a massive sugar high!  But they earned it, because each of them, "With a Smile and a Song", sang like a nightingale and made their Director proud!

To say nothing of their moms and dads, and most especially, their Grammys and Poppas!

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  1. I'm glad it was a success. I can just imagine how the girls sounded. What a privilege to be a part of something like that. Kiddo, my grandson, sang all four years in his h.s. choir. They were about 170 voices strong, which is unusual for a rural school in this part of the country. I was always so proud of them. They always looked so great in their Tuxedos and long red satin gowns. And could they ever sing.
    Much to make a Grandpa proud.


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