Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Tea for Two"

Tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon Mike and I are going to a Tea.  He's never been to such a "ladies" event, but he'll go tomorrow and like it!  Tea isn't his usual beverage of choice (at least not the hot kind) and it would take a lot of  little sandwiches and petit fours to fill up his tummy.  So what, you might ask, has convinced him to attend such a thing as a Spring Tea, cleverly titled "Tea for Two"??

I can answer that question with one word:  grandchild!

Yes, tomorrow the Girls' Choir M-t-G joined will be holding their Spring Tea and M-t-G along with all the other girls will be singing while the rest of us enjoy our tea and crumpets (or whatever!)  The venue for the tea is a lovely old home that belongs to the Junior League.  They use it for all sorts of occasions of their own and when not being used by them, other organizations can use it for a fee.  I've never seen the interior of the house, so I am looking forward to that as much as the tea! 

Of course, the draw is really the girls.  In order to accommodate all the parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends who wish to attend, the Choir will be holding three performances right in succession.  We are going to the latest seating at 5:00 pm.  By then any kinks will have been worked out and the girl's will will have conquered any nerves that make them jittery!   I have no idea of the program content, but it really doesn't matter.  The director has most likely put together a fairly wide selection of musical styles and I am certain it will be enjoyable. 

Oh, by the way, did I mention that the younger girls (who are not a part of some of the "senior" girls numbers) will be doubling as the servers of the tea??

Evidently this is one good way to keep the girls busy while the older girls sing....and besides, its a lot cheaper than hiring catering staff or enlisting the moms!!  :)  The first concert we attended a couple of months ago, did the same thing.  It was a concert of madrigals and the choir was dressed as peasants from the Middle Ages.  So the younger girls were "serving wenches" that served dinner to everyone.  They were so adorable and they did a great job both musically AND "victually"  (that's a new word I just made up!  LOL)  And I'm sure they will again tomorrow.  (I think I wrote about that concert already, but maybe not.)

By singing with the Choir the girls are exploring different kinds of choral music and learning a lot about how to use their voices to sing correctly, not to mention making friends and having a great time doing it!  Who knows?  Some of them may even be on their way to pursue a career in vocal performance! 

Oh! Hey, now I get it!  Of course!  How clever!  If any of the girls go forward and try to have a music career, they will have a way to support themselves between gigs.  After all, this serving wench stuff, is just another way of saying waitress!  And we all know that performers need to eat while they wait for stardom!  It is an honored tradition among performers to wait tables while waiting for their "big chance"! 

Hmmm, do you think it would be tacky to leave a tip for 10 year olds??   :)


  1. How neat! And of course, a good way for Grandpa and Grandma to spend an afternoon. Isn't it surprising what one will do for our Grands? I missed Kiddo's spring special concert known as the "Spring Spec" and I regret not being there. But, I had to choose a good time to visit my TX relatives, too.
    Enjoy...and be sure to blog about the experience so we readers can experience it vicariously.

  2. From one Grandma to another, very nice blog. Going to tea, so appropriate after the royal wedding!

  3. How fun! I hope it went great!


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