Saturday, May 14, 2011

"What's the Use of Wonderin'?" (on-going)

I keep discovering more and more things I just don't get!  Surely, I'm not the only one who feels confused about some of the things that exist in our world.  What do you think about this batch of conundrums?

1.  People (mostly young men and women) who drive all around town with their car radios or CDs blasting at a level loud enough to rival a sonic boom!  It's worse in the summertime when car windows are open.  The worst offenders also have the bass cranked up as high as it will go.  Instant headache!  Most of them will be stone deaf by the time they hit 35.  To say nothing of the rest of us who suffer when we're stuck in traffic next to one of these sound addicts!  Worst of all, why are they NEVER listening to any music that's good??

2.  I've mentioned before that I have never watched any of the "reality" shows on TV.  I recently found out that many of them are scripted!!!  How can anything that has a  script be reality??  Course the scripts would be pretty easy to write, you simply write about People Behaving Badly!  Reality my foot!

3.  How many people there are who loudly proclaim that they are CHRISTIAN, and then proceed to act in the most UN-CHRISTIAN behaviour?  Just saying you are Christian, doesn't mean you are one! 

4.  I really don't understand why so many children seem to have low self esteem and no faith in themselves. Even when they come from the most loving and supportive homes with parents who get great marks for their parenting skills, the message just doesn't seem to be getting to the kids' self-confidence and self-respect. 

5.  Why I soooo frequently seem to be in my car driving directly into the sun late in the afternoon.  The visor doesn't come anywhere near blocking out the glare and I am nearly blinded by the low hanging sun. 

6.  Why so many people say that they will "do" something and then don't!   That covers everything from "I'll call you tonight." to " I'm going to take care of it today."  It's kind of like a verbal contract.  If you don't intend to do what you say, then don't keep saying you will!  It's frustrating to the people around you!

7.  The sheer numbers of people who are dishonest, cheaters, criminals, and other forms of lowlife.  They are out only for themselves and none of the rules apply to them! 

8.  Why so few people are willing to leave comments on blog posts!!  It gets lonely over here! 

9.   Most importantly of all....why can't I find a decent pair of navy blue sandals that fit!!!!?


  1. Being short (and ESPECIALLY short in my torso), my visors don't work NEARLY as well as they do for my husband. Frustrating!!

  2. "What is the use of wondering" why young men seem to think it's "cool" to wear their jeans halfway down their "lower torso." Not only does this look just stupid, it cannot be comfortable. They walk along holding up the front of their jeans, making them look either like perverts, or that they really have to go to the restroom badly. They have a "wad" of wrinkles that could seriously chaff their knees and the legs of their jeans either drag on the ground, wearing holes in the fabric, or they bunch around the ankles making them look like they could trip and fall any time. All this to look "cool." I think not! I'm just sayin'...



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