Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"In My Merry Oldsmobile"

Well, OK, I have a Kia, not an Oldsmobile (do they even make Oldsmobiles anymore???), nevertheless, I was riding around on Sunday afternoon when I had to stop at the Speedy Stop (7-11 knockoff).  When I was just about to get back in the car to go on my merry way, a Texas State Highway Patrol squad car pulled into the parking spot next to me.

Just like most drivers, I keep up with changes to the cars used by the police, they don't stay the same forever you know.  So it kind of behooves me (I like that word....behoove....something to do with horses, right??), I was saying, it behooves me to know the cars and colors being used by our men in blue (who usually aren't in blue!) to monitor drivers and traffic and such. 

Anyway, the patrol car that parked next to me was grey and black, a combination I hadn't see before.  As the patrolman was getting out of his car, I asked if this was a new style for the State Highway Patrol.  He said "No, we've have had these for 2 or 3 years now!"   "Wow," said I.  "Really?!   I don't think I've ever seen one like this before.  Well, it just goes to show what a law-abiding driver I am!  I haven't been ticketed or even stopped by the Highway Patrol in years!"  I said with a laugh.    He laughed too, and then he said, "That's lucky, because your Inspection Sticker is out of date!" 

My head snapped around to look at my windshield and sure enough, there it was, big as life....Expiration Date:  1/11!!  (How could this be?  I have to walk right by that sticker every time I get into my car.  How could I NOT have seen it??)  Me and my big mouth!!!    I hung my head in embarrassment.  Oh crap, he's going to ticket me for sure!  I mean it's not just a little out of date (like April maybe) oh no, it's 4 1/2 MONTHS out of date!!!  January!!  Months, plural!!  Oh, help!

He laughed at me again (people tend to do that a lot around me, can't imagine why!)  Then he said,
"Not to worry.  We're on private property here.  Just get it taken care of right away, OK?  Have a good afternoon, ma'am."  What a nice man.  He could have followed me right out to the street and given me a ticket right there, but he didn't.  Whew!  What a relief! 
I'm sure the guys at the Police Station had a good laugh that night!!

MORAL:   Never brag to a police officer about how virtuous you are!   In fact, never engage a police officer in any kind of conversation at all!  It's safer that way!! 

Update:  The Inspection was done today and I am once again a legitimately legal driver with a sticker that doesn't expire for 12 long, months!!!  Whew!     (Uhhhh, would somebody please remind me next April??)


  1. LOL... I was pulled over for my sticker also!! The bad thing was that the new one was in the car from when I gave it to the Hubby to put on the car and he didn't!!!

  2. I have gotten ticketed for that before...twice, I think! It's so hard to remember! I wish they sent some sort of reminder like they do for the registration sticker!

  3. I've noticed that you can sometimes charm a police officer if all the stars are aligned. I got pulled over for speeding when my son was about four and I probably would have been ticketed if my boy had not been asking innocent questions in a sweet voice from the back seat. I got off with a warning and a sigh.

  4. Glad you got a nice officer Mom!


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