Monday, March 22, 2010


WARNING:  Major Wuss Alert!  Self-pity ahead, proceed with Caution!

Many years ago, I saw a Garfield poster that I just loved.  There was a little mouse, with wild eyes, with its little legs moving like pinwheels.  He is obviously going nowhere because Garfield, with an enormous grin, is standing right behind the mouse and one paw is pinning down the little mouse's tail.  The caption read:  "It's not the having, it's the getting!" 

Tomorrow morning, if I can actually go through with it, I will have my cataract surgery.  (...whimpering...)  Tonight, I admit, I am right in the midst of an "Anticipation" the mode of the mouse, not Garfield!  I know something is going to happen tomorrow, whether it will be good or bad, is pretty much unknown, but I sure wish I didn't have to go through it at all, no matter WHAT it is! 

I've heard from lots of different sources that it should be a snap!  Not nearly the disaster I fear.  In other words, I should put on my big girl panties and deal with it!  That would be marginally easier to believe, if any of the sources, actually HAD the surgery themselves!  But no, it was always their mother, their uncle, their neighbor who actually had the surgery, and they came through it just fine!  Uh huh!  Right!  So why didn't I hear directly from any actual victim survivo living, breathing, sighted post-surgical person??  Hmmm, answer me that!!   All those folks who "know" somebody who came through it, well, I know they mean well, but it really doesn't help!

I don' know, maybe I'll forget to set my alarm, or get lost, or get bumped by somebody else's ophthalmic emergency, or SOMETHING, and I won't have to go!  That would be fine!  Except I'd have to go through all this "Anticipation" some other time, because I am pretty sure my vision is getting worse every day!  Darn!

So I'll do it and I'll be as nervous as a cat on ice till its over.  But I'll do it,  I will!  (Oh, help!)

Actually, if you think this is bad, you should have heard me the night before my hysterectomy!!!!  Now that was "Anticipation!"

See you (I hope), in a couple of days....


  1. Mellodee, I'm saying prayers for you. I'm so sorry you have to worry about this so much. How long will it be before you can get back on the computer? If it will be awhile, can your husband post something on your blog about how you are doing. I hate to be in suspense! GOOD LUCK! laurie

  2. I love you Big Sis. It WILL be okay.

  3. I hope your surgery went well. Good thing I didn't read this earlier, I'm sure I would have made you more nervous... my mother in law lost her vision in one eye from the surgery.

  4. Well, thanks to your daughter on FB we know that your surgery is over. I'm anxious to hear all the details. When I have mine one of these days, I can look to you for guidance!

  5. I'm a day behind in my reading. I hope your surgery went well, and I can add you to the list of people who said it was s snap!!

  6. By the time you read this your surgery will be over and this comment will be very clear to you.:) I pray all went well. My husband had caterac surgery a couple of years ago and is thrilled with the results.


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