Saturday, March 13, 2010

"What's the Use of Wonderin'? " (Again)

Life appears to be chock full of conundrums, those random and odd questions of why or how certain things seem to be true, but that no one can explain or answer.  I often am plagued by my mind going off on some tangent or other, focusing on such matters until I throw up my hands and just say, "I dunno!"  Here are some of my most recent ponderances.

1.  Why a woman's hair can look perfectly fine for weeks at a time, and then suddenly one morning, out of nowhere, it starts screaming, "I need a haircut RIGHT NOW?"

2.  Why do so many companies keep bringing out "New" and "Improved" versions of their products....especially when they were perfectly fine the way they were? 

3.  How can so many people who drive cars be such totally, abysmally awful drivers?

4.  Why some men are obsessive about maintaining, cleaning, and taking care of their cars, but those same men, can't wash a dish or even find the dishwasher?

5.  Why doesn't Daylight Savings Time begin in the middle of a work day, rather than in the middle of our weekend sleeping time?  Most wouldn't mind losing an hour of work, but losing an hour of sleep is really painful! 

6.  Why do companies keep sending so much junk mail?  How can it possibly be profitable for them?

7.  Whatever happened to fashion standards like hats and gloves for women?

8,  How can anyone possibly believe that a kid "playing" baseball (or whatever) on a WiFi is getting good exercise??

9.  Why are some people so consistantly lucky and others are not?

10.  How can clothes that fit just fine in the morning become so excrutiatingly uncomfortable by bedtime??

Okay now....go forth and ponder!


  1. Good list. I'm so with you on #1. I used to go to Super Cuts for that very reason - most of my haircuts were emergencies! Now I have to make an appointment and the last couple of days before it are often pretty dismal.

  2. Mellodee, I dunno either, but such good questions to ponder. I know my husband wonders why I think he should pick up his dirty socks, but I can leave trash in my car and it doesn't bother me at all! laurie


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