Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Buttons and Bows"

I may have mentioned (like only about a thousand times!) that I am technologically challenged.  This isn't really my fault.  I am beyond the cusp of the computer generation.  I was born to soon.  I know just enough to let me do some of the basics of blogging, but I don't know enough to allow me to do the fun stuff....like "buttons and bows". 

When I go visiting new blogs I love the "bows", you know what I mean,  the pretty backgrounds, glorious color schemes, and individuality of so many blogs.  The stuff that really dresses it up.  And lots of bloggers have their very own "buttons" , I mean all those cute personal buttons to grab and post on your own site to give a link to another blog you especially like. 

I love that stuff; in most cases its creative and cleverly done, very eye-catching, and it makes a bit of a statement about who you are and what you're like.  Its cool.

But because I am this old lady techno-dweeb, I don't have any of that stuff!   And worse, I have no clue as how one goes about making a button or getting a neat background.   I actually feel pretty clever that I got this far!  So just because my blog is kind of plain and not very interesting looking, doesn't mean I don't wish it was one of the "pretty" ones.

Hmmmm, Maddie-the-great is getting to the age when she will probably turn into one of those whiz kids that just instinctively know how to do stuff on the computer.  Maybe, if I try real hard to be patient and wait a couple of years, she'll be able to help me "redecorate" my little corner of blogdom!   Of course, by then, blogs will probably have moved beyond "buttons and bows" into something even more complicated that I will never figure out even with M-t-G's help!  That's really not fair. 

Why don't these things come with instructions or tutors or something??



  1. Hey Mel, google it. It's all there. Good luck.X

  2. When I started out, I went to The Cutest Blog On The Block. They have all sorts of free backgrounds and they have very easy instructions on how to put them up! I had no clue what I was doing then, but I was able to do that!

  3. I love technology and all that stuff, but I always run to my daughter for blog help. Her's is so great looking and she finds the best templates then "tweeks" them. I actually gave her the password to mine so she can help me periodically. But, once I found Flickr and Picnik, I was finally at least able to do photos for my header all by myself!


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