Friday, March 5, 2010

"Baby Elephant Walk"

Isn't this little guy adorable??  He may just be the cutest elephant I've ever seen!  He has absolutely nothing to do with today's post other than he is the logo (mascot?) of Jumbo Jimbo's Song Lyrics Archive (which is one of the sites I use to verify that the Song Titles I use are correct).  I just love the look on Jumbo Jimbo's face, his big blue eye, and the idea of an elephant singing.  Have you ever heard the ....uhhm.... "song" of a trumpeting elephant???  Music it ain't!  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they are tone deaf!! But this little guy makes me believe that there may be one or two exceptions. 

Anyway, I just love him and I thought I'd share!  Hope you like him too!


  1. Cute. I think elephant "things" are supposed to be good luck, aren't they! Or maybe that's turtles. Not sure. But they're both cute.

  2. Actually I think its both, depending on the culture of the country of origin. Sooooo, I have both an ivory elephant and a soapstone turtle to bring me luck. Thank goodness I do. Without them things could be so much worse!! :)


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