Friday, March 19, 2010

"Fixing a Hole"

I hate my teeth.  I have always hated my teeth.  Always! 

I don't spend my life brushing, flossing, polishing, cleaning, etc., but I do brush a couple of times a day and floss fairly frequently.  I even sometimes use a flouride rinse.  And I get cleanings twice a year!  Despite my care,  they aren't a pretty sparkling white.  They are small.  My mouth is small and there's no room to manuever.  (Pediatric instruments have to be used!)  They are a little crooked.  They are sensitive to cold.   They have spaces where they shouldn't have spaces.  They aren't particularly strong or healthy.  They aren't even.  They collect tartar and plaque like some people collect recipes!  More often than not, there seems to be a need for "fixing a hole!"    And so they need constant attention it seems.  And the worst part of it, is that its not just my attention they need.  Oh no!  They require a....dunh, dunh, dunh....Dentist!

May I just say, it case you haven't figured  it out, that for me going to the dentist ranks right at the bottom of my "things I don't want to do" list, along with having a baby and jumping out of an airplane!    I work myself into a tizzy over having to go to the dentist.   By the time of the appointment, I am a wreck from the anticipation of whatever torture the dentist will inflict upon me this time!

Of course, my head keeps trying to remember that I have survived before.  Doesn't help too much.  My gut knows!!  There's a long, long way between survival and no pain!

Unfortunately, I am of the age that had dental experiences before the development of high speed drills, or lidocaine prior to  injections.  Headphones, TV, movies, music, etc. weren't even on the horizon.  That's right, back in the dark ages of dentistry, when the height of technology was "rinse and spit"!!

I have tried hard over the years to act like a grown up, but unfortunately that's really hard for me.  You see, for me dental pain (especially hitting a nerve), is the absolute worst pain I have ever felt!  Bar none!  I'm a wuss with a very low pain threshhold.  I quiver, I cry, I tense up, I cry some more, and I want to run out of there at the speed of light.  I hate it. 

Of course, to be fair, Its gotten better.  I finally found a dentist (a FEMALE dentist, I might add) that understands about pain and is all in favor of using sufficient Nitrous Oxide to keep me in the chair long enough to complete what needs doing!  That helps a LOT.  I don't go to sleep of course, but I do get pretty relaxed, so for the most part I tolerate the work fairly well....for a wuss.

I went to the dentist yesterday.  I was there from 1:15 to about 2:30 p.m.  Obviously I survived.  (My dentist truly is a  gem!)  Unfortunately the injection of Novocaine didn't numb my jaw enough.  So I had to have another!  That was not fair!!  I've never needed two before!   Once the second shot kicked in I couldn't feel a thing....nothing at all.  So between the numbing and the Nitrous, she was able to finish up fairly quickly.  Once the Nitrous was gone from my system, I felt an enormous sense of relief.  The hole was fixed!! Yay!  It was over.  I could leave.  My stomach didn't hurt anymore.  I didn't feel nervous anymore. I was free! 

After a couple of hours  I realized I was hungry and I went to have something to eat.    BIG MISTAKE!  I realized that even after 2 1/2 hours my cheek, my lips (top and bottom) and my whole lower jaw was dead!  Not just mostly dead, but compeletely and totally dead as a doornail dead!  My speech was distorted.  My smile was crooked.  (I looked like I'd had a stroke!) I couldn't open my mouth all the way.  I couldn't feel temperatures.  I dribbled while trying to drink from a straw!   And I couldn't feel the difference between the food  and my cheek when chewing!!  Those 2 shots of Novocaine did me in and did not completely wear off until almost 7:30 p.m.!!! 

So yeah, I hate my teeth.  I have always hated my teeth.  Really!


  1. Mellodee, I think we may be related somehow. So many times, when you write something, it sounds like something I could have written! Several years ago, I had to have a couple of dental implants. When I visited the specialist, I told him that I hate my teeth! He was shocked! I told him that I had heard there were people who went for yearly checkups and teeth cleaning and didn't see their dentist for a year. I have NEVER been to the dentist that I didn't have to have something done and go back for appointments to have more done. Of course, I also experienced the torture of dentistry before all of the wonderful new inventions, so I've always said I'd rather go to a gyncologist than a dentist, and I hate the gynocologist! We do differ in that I have a high pain threshold, which is not always a good thing. I never know there is a problem until my jaw starts to swell. I hate the dentist because I also have a small mouth, and I've had to have pediatric tools used in my mouth (one time I had dentist send me to a pediatrics specialist, because he said it was impossible got get in my mouth to do what he needed to do). During a dentist visit, my jaw usually pops out of place at least once, and I go home aching and tired of holding my mouth open! I've been thinking about you, and I'm saying prayers for you. Your eye surgery is Tuesday, right? You're having a heck of week! (Sorry, I wrote a blog post in your comment section!) laurie

  2. HOORAY for a dentist who will give you the "pharmaceutical help" you need to get through your appointments! Here's hoping that in 6 months your teeth will surprise you--no cavities! (I'm convinced, though, that the number of cavities is more tied to genetics than to how often one brushes & flosses.)

  3. Hello Mellodee, It is funny I landed on your blog today. Yesterday I started feeling a major sensitivity in a tooth which is getting worse as I type and I am getting a unsettled stomach as the reality of a dentist visit sets in. You have a nice blog and I will try to get back for a visit. Happy Spring. Dee

  4. I am so with you on the dentist thing. I also come from the "old days" when they put some big metal bracket in my mouth to prop it open. And remember those wads of cotton? My first requirement for a new dentist is that he is able to provide nitrous oxide. I have to get nitrous even for a consult - that's how bad it is. I feel your pain....


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