Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Have You Heard?"

Well, of course you haven't heard!  I haven't told you!  I've been so busy obsessing about my eye and the eye drops that I have to drop for weeks, and about whether my eye has started to dilate like it should (it hasn't!), and about whether or not the artificial tears help or not (they do!), and all the rest of my recent angst about my sight....well, I have been remiss about posting about the regular stuff.  Well, I am going to correct that right now!

***  March 2010 is nearly over.  Already.  This is getting entirely out of hand.  It used to be that a work or school day could feel like it lasted for weeks!  A month was really a lot of time when lots of stuff could happen, and a year was an eternity.  Now???  Nope, not any more!  I don't like it.  I don't like it one bit.  And the Complaint Department isn't taking my calls!!

***  Now that Spring is officially here, all sorts of Spring Things are popping up all over.  Whee!  Pretty pastel dresses and fun pretty shoes.... Easter baskets and bunnies in every color of the rainbow....Spring bulbs and flowers that would look wonderful in my yard (even though every plant I buy commits hari-kari (sp?) in the car on the way home from the store!)....other peoples yards look pretty anyway!.....temperatures have moved out of the frigid zone for the next several months....schools having their Spring Breaks (that's something I never got, kids today have it good!)....and the one sign of Spring that really has an impact on us....yes, it's Softball Season again!  This time Maddie-the-Great's team is the Illusion, they've only played two games (a 1-1 record so far).  The team is not great but its a long, long way from awful!!  Pretty much everybody can hit, fielding still sucks, but that's true for all the teams.  This season we're hoping that they can manage to win more than they lose!  I'll keep you posted!

*** Speaking of M-t-G, she had her eyes examined and she got glasses 2 years ago.  She only needed them for distance, and after the novelty wore off, she pretty much forgot about them most of the time.  She went to the eye doctor again for the exam and I am sad to report, that her eyes had deteriorated significantly and nobody noticed until just a couple of weeks ago.  The poor kid couldn't see far away worth squat!  She didn't say anything, so she suffered the problem of not seeing very well longer that she actually needed to.  She had her new glasses for her softball game yesterday.  She was up at bat 5 times', she got a hit every time, drove 2 runners home, got on base 4 out of the 5 times, and finally managed to stay alive long enough to get around all the bases to score!  Really a stellar day for our girl!  It's amazing what kids can do when they can SEE!    :)

***  Patti Lupone and Mandy Patinkin  were appearing at one of Austin's Performing Arts Centers last Thursday night.  I was reeaalllly looking forward to seeing them (especially her!), after all she is a Musical Theater Diva, almost an icon.  I was so excited!  Its probably the only chance I will have to see her perform in person!  "Evita", "Gypsy", and so many more.  Couldn't wait!!!   Soooooo, last Thursday night, I still wasn't see very well and wasn't ready to drive at all, generally feeling kind of wobbly.  So I couldn't go.  [Small interruption while I go and sob for a bit, sorry!] 

Ratchlet went.  M-t-G went.  T.A. worked the gig.  I stayed home.  I am heartbroken.  Ratchlet said it was phenomenal incredible!  Swell.

I guess there wasn't all that much to write about after all.  Or maybe I'm too depressed because I missed Patti Lupone!  What do you think, hmm?  Yeah, me too!


  1. And I would have cried about missing Mandy Patinkin!

  2. I would love to have seen Patti Lupone!

    Regarding the passage of time, my brat son made this statement to me once when I was saying how fast time seemed to go by. "Yeah, Mom, I mean when your 10, a year is one tenth of your life. By the time a person is your age, a year is like taking a shower!" Did I mention that he's a brat?

  3. So sorry you missed the show!!! Hope you are completely healed SOON.


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