Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"I Could Write a Book" (2nd)

{After a while I have been forced to realize that some of my posts must use the same song title as an earlier post, because there are just some topics that don't get sung about very often!!  This is one of those times.}

Yesterday was my Blogiversary!  With this post I am starting into my third year of blogging!  It surprises the heck out of me!  I'm not usually very good about keeping up a "hobby".  I'll decide to explore something new that appeals to me (like sewing or knitting or the like) and before long I will lose interest and the new "hobby" will fall by the wayside.  So here I am with something that I have actually kept going for two full years!  Wow!  I have accumulated 383 posts over the last two years.  I have 44 official followers, plus some lurkers who I know visit regularly, but never say anything (may I ask, why not??)  4078 visits from people who have stopped by and read a bit.  Some who visit every day and others who are never seen again.  All of that amazes me.  I have been consistent enough to usually have new stuff available to read.  Well, golly gee whiz, good for me!

If you are new here or haven't read any of the early posts, I would suggest that you do so!  Some of my best stuff was the early stuff!!  This is a link to my first post for anyone who is interested.  http://mellodeemusings.blogspot.com/2009/07/its-not-where-you-start.html 

Writing a blog has been a delightful challenge.  Finding something to write about, trying not to be repetitive, making it interesting and worth reading, and "meeting" people from all over the world and finding some of them that return again and again....I guess all of that means that I'm doing something right (or should I say "write"?)

What it boils down to in some ways is just an extension of my life-long love affair with the sound of my own voice!!!  LOL!  In a blog post I can write what I want for as long as I want for as often as I want.  It is a totally self-indulgent thing to do, but at least I'm not sitting here writing stuff that nobody reads.  I'd love to have more followers.  I think every blogger likes gathering a group of people who publicly announce that they like what you say well enough to want to come back every time you post.  I am extremely gratified by the response that I have from my faithful "friends".

I am so glad that I have this opportunity to share my thoughts (good, bad, and indifferent) with a so many lovely, talented, interesting, and remarkable people. And I love hearing what you have to say when you comment. I wish more of you did!

Now after two years, I realize that this might not be just a flash-in-the-pan!  I have no clue to the actual number of words that I have written, though it must be a gazillion by now!  If I used all those words in one long post, it could be considered a book!  Wow!  Even I didn't realize I had that much to say!  I no longer can say "I Could Write a Book",  Considering this blog as a whole, it could be said that I DID write a book!  Amazing!

The last two years have been great fun for me.  I hope you all have had a good time too.  Thanks so much for stopping by and for all your kind words!  Hope you come again soon! Amazingly, I think I still have more to say! 

So onward into Year III.  Wheeeee!


  1. Congratulations, Mellodee! Blogging certainly has its rewards, especially the friends you make around the world. It's not always easy to come up with new content, but there's something to be said for the discipline blogging requires. As for the "life-long love affair with the sound of my own voice," that hit a little too close to home. Ha!

  2. As I read you blog this morning, and being an avid singer, like you, I was struck with these familiar words, "I'm so glad we had this time together. Just to have a laugh or sing a song. Seems as though we just get started, then it's time to say 'so long'." Blogs are like that. I read many and find myself, with some, wanting more. Yours is that way, Mel.
    As for the love affair with the sound of your own voice...I can relate to that, too. I am a "ham": always have been and probably always will be. Keep up the blogging, my friend. Writing is your "gift."

  3. Congratulations Melly! Isn't this Blogging thing fun...sometimes I spend too much time doing it so I have to work on my 'balance' but dang I'm having fun ;) I've only had time to read this post but I'll be back to read more...sounds like fun. You have yourself a wonderful day!
    Maura :) PS...just found out that this comment was posted on another blog I was visiting...good thing she let me know and I was able to cut it and paste it here! I must be getting old.

  4. Wow, hard to believe it's been 2 years! Time flies! I'm so glad you're one of the ones who has stuck with blogging instead of stopping after just a few months!

  5. I envy the way you always come up with topics! I did great my first couple of years, then dried up. Keep up the good work!


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