Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Cappella #10

{I wrote the following as  a response to a question posed on another blog about the reaction to the Casey Anthony verdict.  Many of previous commenters were expressing disbelief that she was not convicted.  There were some who were absolutely positive of her guilt, and those who criticized our system of justice for "failing" in this case to convict this woman.  Those reactions startled me, they were so judgemental of a situation that none of them knew anything about, except what they heard on the news.  Anyway I was compelled to write this as a comment to that post..

Afterward I contemplated publishing it here as my post, but couldn't decide.  Sometimes people are so negative when something is said with which they don't agree and I didn't want to start a big brouhaha.  However since then, two fellow bloggers have expressed similar opinions to mine and that has given me courage (I guess) to talk about my opinion in this matter.  So here it is.  What do you think?}

The Casey Anthony Trial

I do not know if this woman killed her daughter, I wasn't there, but I'd like to remind you all, that in this country, one is "innocent until PROVEN guilty". It is one of the most basic tenets of our society. The jury agreed that the prosecution did not prove the charges. By law, that means that Casey is innocent of the charges in the eyes of the Court.

Also, I also believe that capital cases must be decided by a unanimous vote of the jurors, not just one holdout. It is either unanimous or it results in a hung jury and a new trial.

So many seem to be sure that she was guilty.  Nevertheless, unless they are privy to evidence that the prosecution did not have, it appears their opinions are based what 's been read or heard in the papers or on TV or from people around them.   Juries are not given access to newspapers and TV news when they are sequestered for that very ensure fairness and impartiality and to settle the matter based solely on what happens in the courtroom..

A person cannot and MUST NOT be convicted of a capital crime just because they don't act like one might expect or they don't seem like a nice person.    Whether or not they are likable is not part of the equation!

Many people said that there has not been any justice for Caylee Anthony.   That may be so, but the child is long dead and cannot be hurt anymore by ANYTHING done or not done by the living! 

For a verdict of guilty in court, there must be a "preponderance of evidence to prove the defendant's guilt". Evidently, those jurors did not see the proof. I, for one, am damn glad that our country requires proof rather than convicting someone of murder based on what the newspapers say or a photo showing  the defendant dancing!

I think the justice system worked just fine!  And trust me, without our system of justice in place and working correctly, all of our lives would be quite, quite different. Do not doubt that for one single minute!


  1. GREAT post. I was upset about the verdict but then as I read more I realized that there might have been some good reasons not to convict. You are so right. A "not guilty" verdict is different than an "innocent" verdict.

    Emotionally, it still makes me mad. But I have to continue to support strong standards of evidence.

  2. That's what our Constitution is all about. I agree that while in our hearts we might feel that Casey Anthony is guilty, we also have to be able to realize the importance of her rights. She cannot be convicted by what we feel in our hearts. Evidence alone must be reason for conviction.

    Throughout history, people have been convicted, and executed, by people who were acting on feelings. During French Revolution, children of royalty were executed for the crimes of their parents. The same happened during the Renaissance. I could go on and on. The Romanov family is another example, and that took place in the twentieth century.
    The Rights of Man must prevail.
    Thanks for you insight, Mel. As usual, you hit the "nail on the head."

  3. Good post. My own opinion is I think she did, indeed, kill her child. I also think, at some point, she will get hers. It might be judgment day or maybe even sooner. I read or heard somewhere that she'd like to have another child. I hope to God that never happens!

  4. Although many of us feel she is guilty of something regarding her child's death, there was no overwhelming or conclusive evidence. And for the prosecution to ask for the death penalty was a mistake - they never had the evidence to support that. Only Casey knows. But the jury did what they had to do. What a nightmare that must have been for them!


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