Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Stealin' "

A couple of weeks ago my Blogger friend, JE, from Moment by Moment, "stole" one of my posting ideas and re-used it on his own blog. It was interesting to see someone else's responses and how they differed (yet were so similar).  I thought that was kind of flattering and I was glad to share.

Well, today is my turn!  I am "Stealin' " an idea from him!!  I'm pretty sure he won't mind, right JE?

So here we go.

I Just Hate It When....

....I forget something important and have to go back to get it when I am just a few of blocks from home .

....people say they will do something, but they don't!

....someone (anyone) is is angry with me.

....a book I was looking forward to reading turns out to be a complete dud! 

....I purchase a book (especially at full price) and realize I have already read it!

....someone cuts me off in traffic!

....anyone speaks condescendingly to someone I love (or to me, for that matter!)

....parents that don't notice or care when their child is out of control or conversely, needs help.

....a store stops carrying a product I really like.

....a young child is dressed completely inappropriately for their age!

....people talk on cell phones in a really loud voice for a very long time in a public place! becomes clear that greed is the primary motivator for someone's actions!

....I just can't find anything I want to wear, so I end up feeling frumpy all day long.

Thanks for the idea, JE!  Like you, there are probably lots more things I could include, but there are only so many battles one can fight at one time, ya know?  LOL!


  1. Mel,
    LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Thanks for the mention and also for letting me steal from you, too.
    We have to have been twins separated at birth like you mentioned earlier. We share so many of the same things, yet are so different. (Especially that I like winter, you hate it! LOL!)
    Keep posting, my friend,

  2. Mellodee...... That number one fits me. Whenever I leave the house I wonder if I turned the stove off. That's my big bug-a-boo, the stove thing. I can relate to the rest of your list, too.


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